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Departmental Structure

1. Principal Secretary, Rural Engineering Department Govt. of U.P.
2. Sepl Secretary, , Rural Engineering Department Govt. of U.P.
3. Deputy Secretary, Rural Engineering Department Govt. of U.P.
4. Section - Rural Engineering Department Section and Special Inquiry Cell

Background of Department

Rural Engineering Department (R.E.D.) is Uttar Pradesh Government's executing agency, which was created in year 1972. Department is involved in constructing link roads, small bridges, buildings in far flung area of rural areas of State. In due course of time, developmental activities increased main-told with a workload of Rs.5.20 crores in the year 1972 which increased to Rs. 1611.65 crores in March 2013-14 (Rs. 1055.03 crores in General Division , Rs. 363.45 crores in P.M.G.S.Y.and Ambedkar Gram CC Road Rs.193.16) Rural Engineering Department, Department has no budgetary provision in Plan Head. This department mainly undertakes constructions works on deposit basis of different departments / Schemes like Sansad Nidhi, Vidhayak Nidhi, Purvanchal Vikas Nidhi, Bundelkhand Nidhi, Border Area development Scheme, Sam Vikas Yojna, Food for work programme and P.M.G.S.Y. R.E.D. department executes the constructions of different types of buildings, roads, small bridges etc. Departments have total 58 General Divisions and 51 PIUs (Project Implementation Units) works of Rural road connectivity under P.M.G.S.Y. funded by the Govt. of India in 30 districts of the state.

Right to Information

Under the provisions of right to Information Act 2005 the Deputy Secretary, Rural Engineering Department Govt. of U.P. has been nominated as Public Information Officer at the Govt. level for providing the information demanded by the General Public within the Schedule time as per act. The Principal secretary, Rural Engineering Department. Govt. of U.P. has been nominated Appellate authority for the disposal of problems and grievances received from the General Public.


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